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Brian Fretwell if the founder of PeopleStrength, a company that helps people learn how to have connecting, validating, reinforcing conversations by starting with One Meaningful Question. It is not just about knowing the questions to ask but practicing them on a consistent basis through weekly live sessions

Brian has spent the last twenty years as a Master Facilitator working with some of the biggest Neuroscience based consulting companies to deliver Leadership, Culture Change, and Emotional intelligence workshops to multi-national companies around the world. He’s run Emotional Intelligence workshops in mining camps in the Outback of Australia and the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada, he’s taught leadership on Oil Drilling Pads and the Gettysburg Battlefield, and he’s delivered keynotes from Istanbul, Turkey to inside his home office, exactly 35 steps from the kitchen.

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About Brian Fretwell

Brian Fretwell began his career as a teacher in a juvenile corrections facility while completing his MBA coursework in the evening. This unique experience launched him into what has been his life’s work, helping individuals learn, understand, and apply brain based approaches to Leadership, Engagement, and Culture Change.

As a speaker and consultant, Brian has spent a great deal of time delivering in environments that have historically been a challenge for communicating the importance of “soft skills.” From nuclear engineers, to Oil and Gas chemist’s, from coal miners, to data analysts in tech companies, Brian enjoys making somewhat intangible subject matter more tangible, logical and inspiring for all audiences.


Experts Of Our Potential: A Story That Will Change The Way You Deliver Value

This book outlines, in story form, how creating value and certainty in a post industrial economy has changed and what we need to do as individuals to thrive in this new reality. In line with this message, Brian was invited to deliver a Tedx talk entitled “What a Fifteen Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership” which received over half a million views in the first couple months of being uploaded to YouTube.

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One of the primary tools we use in our Membership is practicing asking great questions. In fact, when practicing, we focus on NOT giving advice, feedback, or opinion and work on asking better questions.

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We have a variety of free and paid resources available to you that will help you craft engaging questions, identify meaningful moments and ultimately have connecting conversations in different aspects of your life.

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 EXPERTS OF OUR POTENTIAL is the new paradigm for delivering value in business. Packed with insights into neuroscience, psychology, business, and behind-the-scenes coaching strategies, it will help you discover the true value in others – and in yourself.

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