About Me

Hey There!

Thanks for stopping by. Pretty humbling to have someone want to know a little more, you know, about me. And, while I will share that with you below, first, let’s talk about you.

About You:

If you are like most people, you might approach change from an all-or-nothing standpoint. Meaning, to achieve a big new goal, to move past a set-back, or to start something new, you must do or be something or someone completely different than you are today. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE.

Transitioning from one job to the next, into the leader we want to be, into the version of ourselves we have been dreaming about, or even into the team/company we know we can be is less about being different and more about leveraging past experiences for future success.

I’m interested in helping you stop beating yourself up about having to “change” and begin understanding that, to get from here to there, all you need is a successful transition: to take what you do well, your strength, your past experiences, and your belief in yourself and use them in a new way. I’m not here to change ya, I’m here to show you how to adapt more quickly.

About Me: (this is the part I tell you how cool I am)

Over the course of the last fifteen years, I quit being a teacher and threw away a potential pension. I ran a business for three years and walked away with 70k in debt. I’ve lost two jobs: the first company was sued by the FCC and the second company was bought out. I have also moved on from two jobs when me, and the company, were doing just fine.

At the same time all of that other stuff was going on, I got an MBA, learned about behavior change from drug addicts and CEO’s, ran a 100-mile footrace, taught leadership on the Gettysburg Battlefield, neuroscience in the Outback of Australia, and wrote a book.

And I’m proud of all of it. Because it positioned me to be the Author, Speaker, and Coach I am today, as well as being comfortable enough to call myself The Transition Expert.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that the rules of the economy have changed. The biggest competitive advantage is no longer found in a degree, a certification, a killer resume, the stable company, or the right industry. It is in an individuals’ ability to understand the value they bring to the table and use it to create value for others.

Everything on this page is about Mastering the Transition. From the blog articles, to the speaking topics, to my coaching. Follow along, reach out and chat, or just make a snarky comment on a post. Whatever you do, don’t wait anymore.

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