David. A fathers advice.

David seems to be a person f few words. His answers were short and direct.

Then, when I asked him to share a picture, It became clear the power of his convictions, as it appears his daughter is taking the advice he would give to other runners.

“I run because I want to run. Its pretty simple really; its fun, challenging and gives back everything you put into it.”

“When things get tough its OK to take a break. Its just running.”

“Running will teach you so many things; perseverance, tenacity, will power, habit formation, humility, problem solving etc…its hard to pick just one, but if I were to pick one thing running has taught me that can be applied to life or business is that you have to embrace challenges in order to grow as a runner or as a person.”

 And the picture…explanation below.


“That’s a picture of my daughter in her JR year running XC. She was injured that season and came back for the district meet to help her team make state. She took off her protective boot and ran the race in pain, then put it back on for awards and did the same at state. She came back the next year uninjured and ran away from everyone at the state championship. She had to step back from running for a while and it was hard, but she kept working and accepted her injury as a challenge. She worked through it and is now off running in college for Oregon State.”

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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