Acknowledging we don’t always have an answer.

Sometimes, the answers are not yet complete. Perhaps that is the answer?

Why Are You Running?

Q1, difficult, been asking this for a year now, I’m wasting so much time + cash, now injured myself, but still do it. The closest I have now is I’m impatient/short tempered, when I started running I ran fast 5k which didn’t help these weaknesses, so I acknowledged this and started running further to overcome this. Feedback from others shows its worked, still not sure if its the reason though, as I run further I think deeper, this doesn’t help find the reason.

What keeps you running when things get tough?

Q2 is easy, I’m struggling even before a run, I tell people all the time that if the goal is set and its something I want to achieve, then I remember this goal and don’t concentrate on the journey.


If someone wanted to apply what they learn through running to life or business, what advice would you give them?

Bonus: find something you love and go for it, the way you achieve it may not o as planned and may be harders than you expected, but desire for reaching that goal will pull you through – Churchill said, never ever give up

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Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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