Returning for a Reason

There are always layers to our Why Are You Running answer. Tina’s Why has a history and a purpose. Enjoy.

“I was a distance runner in high school. At 4’10” I wasn’t what one would consider to be a promising candidate for success. Within 1 year, I made my way to the top 7 spot in the state of Virginia (1990) in the women’s 3200 meter. I loved being the under dog, the pleasant surprise, the one that people initially overlooked because I am very small, and that was just (or is) how it is. I worked hard and exceled, and was a lettered athlete and coach’s award recipient.

Because my bones and muscles were growing at different rates, I took a break from running…well…about a 25 year break…lol

I just started running again. Now I am a mother of 2, ages 6 and 4. I want to be that role model to them to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. I like for them to see me run, exercise, and work out. I want to pass these values on to them
I have even got my son involved in some youth running events here in Vermont.

Incidentally, my daughter is affected by food related allergies. As part of my profession, I often travel to nationwide medical conferences. This past weekend, was the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology conference in Houston. Every year, for the last 3 years, they host a 5K fun run.

This is my chance to run for a cause, so to speak, to raise awareness around the need to keep our kids safe, to promote the need to further medical and clinical research, and also to personally connect with my self as a mom, and all of the challenges associated with navigating a child with potentially life threatening allergies.

It is a moment of thought to reflect, be grateful, and celebrate health and wellness. I dedicated my run to her, but I honor everyone.

I like to challenge myself, and I get joy from the act of a run itself, and the pride of the finish. I often just think of putting one foot in front of the other, and regulating each breath, and eat of my heart, regardless of running conditions. I have been on very challenging trail runs, and have even run in the harshest and most severe weather conditions. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment, and pursuing my goals.

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Anyway, I am a realistic runner. Not trying to beat my times as a teenager. I’m 42 years old, and when I do time myself, I rank among the top 25% of women in my age category. Though I’m proud of my performance, I am more proud that I can be a good role model and inspiration to those around me.”

You are definitely that role model Tina. Thanks for the contribution.

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