A Promise to Her Father and a Commitment to Kids

Sherrie started by telling me that she runs for “those who cannot.” When I asked to know more, I got an amazing story of love and remembrance.

“I started running for the fun of it. Loved traveling to races…”

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“Then when I was 24, my dad was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia The MD told him that he had 10 days . We took him to Vanderbuilt Medical Hospital and he lived almost 4 years. However, he spent 8 months out of each year as an impatient. I ran 10 miles everyday x7 to cope with my emotional pain as I witnessed his suffering. Upon his death bed, he asked me to help the kids so they would not have to suffer.

St Jude is my #1 charity and I have been running the St Jude marathon/ half for the past 6 years. Three years ago, I broke my wrist , requiring surgery that left me with 7 screws and 1 plate one week before the Sj Marathon. My MD said that I could not run it and I replied , watch me. I scaled back to the half and ran it 4 days post operation. I run for those who can not. Each year, I collect donations for the kids and pray that one day their will be a cure for childhood cancer. Each step I take , I take for the kids.

I run my races in honor of the St. Jude Kids. I lost my brother in Sept 14, now I am training for my first 100 miles in May. I will dedicate this race to him and the SJ kids.”

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