Finding Direction


For some of us, we begin by running away from something. I believe what Carlos found, and what many of us find, is that, somewhere along the way, we realize we are running toward something bigger.

“Running began a month before my 30th bday. I felt unsatisfied with where my life was going. I dropped out of the University, single living at home and living a very unhealthy life. One day I grabbed a pair of old running shoes and ran 4 miles around the block.

It took me about 70 minutes to complete it. I didn’t fall in love immediately but each time I ran I tried to PR. This lasted for about 9 months. 1/1/13 a guy invited me to his virtual running group through RunKeeper and decided to do a goal of 500 miles by December. Well goal was completed by October 31 n I decided do was ready for my first half in February 2014. I trained and did well, better than I had expected. A month before I had done a 10k virtual race to I decided to do one race a month and I did.

As 2014 was rolling out I got the itch to go further n by January I did my first full Marathon. A month later I did a second full and by February 15, 2015 I did my first 50k. This is why I run, its something I am proud of and something i am good at, sorta. Along w this I’ve made many many friends, loss 60+lbs, gone back to school and found my relationship (I had never dated)

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When it gets tough? I think of the stuff I’ve accomplished. I also think of being a positive role model for someone whether it immediate family or a stranger in fb who isn’t able to do at the moment. I also do it because of the scenery the temperature (I live in California) and because i can.”

Perhaps more is always available?

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