The Process. Brice:

Competition is often a reason people get into running. Such was the case for Brice. Years ago, it was about the next race and the next event. Only, he found that, without the event, there was no more running.

Fast forward to today. Being over 40 presents challenges for people when running is based off of a one event to another mentality, according to Brice. Because of this, running has become about loving the practice, not just the competition. He believes that this focus can allow running to be part of life, allowing fitness to be a cornerstone instead of an end goal. As a type 2 diabetic and father, living a healthy life has more meaning than finishing a race ever has or will.

Brice sees 2 primary reasons that running has become so addictive to him. The first being the calming of the mind that practice allows. The second being the constant learning that the activity provides. Knowing his own strengths, and connecting them to these reason has made running a place in which Brice is also able to learn about himself.

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While the focus is no longer competition, Brice’s answer seemed to come full circle towards the end. Through the commitment to learning and practice he felt that he has been able to get to places he never before thought possible, both in running and in life. As he contemplates some big decisions in his own life outside of running, he can trust the deeper understanding he has of his own strengths and the clarity of those quiet spaces will help him explore potential achievements beyond his current comfort zone.

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