Recovery Run: Daryl

Daryl, here …..well from S.W. Wisconsin….always loved running when I was younger…..nobody ever bothers you when your running…but they all wish they were doing it !!! I only started running again Sept. of 2014, did a sprint triathlon out of the blue, basically dared myself I couldn’t do it…It was defiantly an eye opener, how far out of shape I was in…..I own my own carpentry business so I thought i was in good enough shape (boy was I wrong) !!!!!

So I started to do the run section of the triathlon and ran 100 yards and stopped, (in 1997 I hyper-extended my left knee and after replacing the main artery in my leg (190 staples later) I woke to nerve damage in my left foot, so my athletic days were over…. I went after basically the only pain killer I knew alcohol….It consumed me and I had gotten myself into some serious trouble !! To put it in plain words ….and I’m not proud of it but I have 5 o.w.i. and I thank god I never killed anyone… So after treatment and AA Meetings that I continue to go to, I have found a old passion again…..RUNNING AND TRAINING!!!!!

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The 100 yards is a thing of the past , lost 45 pounds , the ankles and knees , the back pains are gone ….Oh they show up ….now and then, but hardly ever!!!!! Thank GOD !!!!! So I want to tell anyone who has the battle of Alcoholism…is to truly find what you love…and leave the booze behind….in the end you will lose!!! I found this US Road Running thing on face book and thought after reading some of the post that I wasn’t the only one who was trying after the disabilities and age has creeped in!! I seen that they offered medals and a bib to prove that you accomplish something, so I did the Halloween Medal Run…

Oh I recall the first 1 mile I ran non – stop …. I thought I had won a race…..I stood in the street in front of my house yelling and crying, knowing that the Monster of Pain wasn’t winning anymore….One more step, one more block, I have conquered the fear of losing to Alcohol !!!! THAT IS TRULY THE RACE I AM WINNING , EVERY TIME I LACE MY SHOES….. RUN LONG AND PAIN FREE….ONE DAY AT A TIME ….THANKS DARYL

It’s a little messy , but you get the point….thanx for your time!!!!

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