You’ve Already Missed Your Purpose

Remember that girl you did not gather the confidence to ask on a date? She was the one you were supposed to marry. Remember that job offer that you turned down? It was the perfect position for you. How about that time you decided not to take the trip of a lifetime…well, it was everything you thought it would be, and now it is no more.

Chances are, given you have turned down or otherwise missed the opportunity for so many chances, you may have already missed out on your purpose. You might have walked right past your destiny, or worse, the very thing that is going to make you happy has been taken by someone else.

Meanwhile, you have to watch all of these people around you, who have already found their life’s purpose, go about their day happy, focused and assured. They got it right, they saw the opportunity when it came, got the girl (or boy), took the job or started the business…maybe even all three. Bastards.

Only, they don’t exist. These people without flaws, that never make the wrong choice, and that never suffer a setback are simply figments of our imagination. They are fantasies, superheroes, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. And that opportunity you missed, the girl wasn’t actually ready for a relationship, the job was downsized six months later, and that trip, most of those travelers got food poisoning.

Our purpose, our choices and our chances are all parts of the story we tell ourselves on a daily basis. The missed opportunity is as real as the potential opportunity, we make them real in our decision to think about one over the other, in our choice to believe in one or the other, and in allowing one or the other to inform our choices.

Those people you see did not happen to choose the one right choice at the one right time, they made A right choice at A right time. They have the same struggles as you, have missed as many opportunities, and feel just as lost at times. They could just as easily be mistaking you for the person who has everything together.

So, the question becomes, which story will we believe? The heart-breaking tale of tragic individual who missed their purpose, or the awe-inspiring tale of an amazing person who found an opportunity where none seemed to exist?

If you’ve already missed it, do you really have anything to lose?

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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