Not a Runner

I am not a runner.

I might have invested crazy amounts of money on shoes and performance clothing.
I might have spent most of my time outside voluntarily in the rain, snow, wind and heat.
I might have talked about races and distances covered more than I did about any other activities.

But I’m not a runner.

I have stories.
I have reasons I am running that have nothing to do with being in shape.
I have goals that are less about a finish time, and more about finishing something.

I am more than a runner.

I am the memory of friends who cannot run.
I am the active expression of determination communicated through each purposeful stride.
I am a tiny bit of inspiration, produced through an activity, that seeks to affect a small piece of my world.

I am simply a human who happen to run.

I use running to express my individualism.
I use running to tap into some well spring of inner strength that I hope to be available.
I use this simple activity to connect with other humans, to engage them, and to believe in them.

And, in this way, I am just like you.

Striving to make a difference.
Nervously daring to believe in bigger and better dreams.
Navigating a scary and unknown world, one step at a time.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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