I’ll do it on Monday

Habits are simple
So they say
We need just five minutes, three weeks, or change in perspective.
And all that stuff is easy, on Monday.

But today’s Friday.
Today’s the day when I’m done.
I waited all week for this.
And I just want to have but one.

I’ll do it on Monday.
The habit, that is
Next week will be a better time.
For all this changing biz

Yet, here Friday sits
Neglected, ignored, without connection
Relegated to being the day that guilt is made
The time of the week that convinces us we need a new direction

We get to relax with Friday
Have fun with Friday, forget on Friday
But when never get to give Friday, Purpose.
Because, well, it is Friday.

Habits are behaviors,
Goals are measurements and dreams guide the way
And none of them care what day it is
Only that you do something today

Perhaps Friday is just as good a time as ever
To start something new, to be something more
And if it’s gonna be easy on Monday
Shouldn’t it also be what Friday is for?

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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