One Last Trip

One last trip up the hill today buddy. We hadn’t been in a while and it felt great to run with you again. This was always one of your favorite places. So I figured we’d try one more climb.

It sure was the perfect day too. We say deer, rabbits, rock chucks, ducks and plenty of other dogs. But, through all that, you stayed right by my side, you could be the best dog sometimes.

Thanks for keeping me motivated, by the way. It sure wasn’t the easiest run. I kept wondering if you left to soon, kept thinking that maybe there was another trip left in you. I know, that’s just wishful thinking on my part, I can’t imagine the pain you were in.

The truth is, you were ready, but I wasn’t. I want to see you running in these hills again, I want to have your cold nuzzle wake me in the morning. I want to be annoyed as hell when you beg for food and I want you to interrupt me in the office to remind me that, whatever I am working on, nothing is more important than a little scratch behind the ear.

But that’s just me, buddy, I realize this now. You see, I never said it, but as much as it was my job to train you, I learned a ton from you. I learned to be patient, compassionate, forgiving, and perhaps even a little vulnerable. For a dog, you sure as hell taught me to be a better human.

I didn’t leave you on the hill. You can come back anytime. But you’re free to go now, Kona. Free of pain, of those annoying leashes, and free to let your legs match your incredible enthusiasm and endless happiness. We’ll be ok down here. My heart may have broken a bit, but that’s ok, you showed me how beneficial it can be to have it open in the first place.


Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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