Value-Led Podcast – Cristen, Learning to Say No

Cristen is an editor, among many other things, who was giving away her gift. Having a deep love for both what she does and who she does it for initially kept her from making a living doing it. Moving into a space where she could own that value, and get paid for it, required her to break some of the rules she thought she needed to follow.


Today, Cristen is a leader in the publishing community and helps many other writers own their own value, including coaching women to find their own unique potential. Her perspective on writing our own rules and creating our own path is both inspiring and informative.


In a 45 minute conversation, Cristen and I discuss how she was able to finally get over the hump of giving away to owning her value and how she explores the future she is creating.

Listen to the interview here:




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Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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