Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to

Can a $1000 funding constraint, a lot of rain, and a philosophy degree be the recipe for success? For Wyatt Warner and Boise Classic Movies, it turns out the answer can be yes. If you know what to look for in failure.

I started interviewing Wyatt because I was interested in learning how he came up with the idea to have a crowd-sourced theatre experience. Along the way, however, I realized he wasn’t creating another reason to go to the movies as much as creating a much more important opportunity for community, re-engaging our childhoods, and letting go of the past.

In many ways, Boise Classic Movies was born not so much of necessity, but of honesty. Coming back from a “colossal” failure is difficult for anyone yet, for Wyatt, it helped him create the perspective that allowed his next idea; acknowledge failure is possible, create the confines through which you can accept it, and push through to that point.

Interestingly enough, it was this focus, and the combination of loving movies, knowing a bit about crowd-sourcing, and separating his idea from his ego (the philosophy degree kicking in) that allowed BCM to be the success it is today. And it’s that leveraging of strengths, of focusing on what is working, that informs his movements forward, from Boise, to Idaho Falls, Portland and beyond.

While he might not “feel” successful, the impact on the communities he is having, gives the benefits of his success to all of us. And that’s worth paying attention to.





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