John – Navigating the Unknown

When I asked John to be on the pod-cast, I assumed I would be talking with someone that knew exactly what he wanted his entire life. Having been successful in just about everything he has tried, from playing professional rugby and competing in 2 world cups, to an ag startup that is now international in scope, and now starting a stellar real estate career. What I didn’t expect to hear was, like the rest of us, he was very much trying to “figure it all out.”

Having never played the game, it only makes sense that John would leave the country 18 months after being introduced to rugby, to play in Brisbane Australia. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to everyone, but when your internal driver is fixed on exploring what the world has to offer, then it becomes the only decision that really makes sense.

And, when you are at the height of your professional career, leaving to go found a start-up makes sense when you know what is important to you at the time and are able to listen to that instead of everyone else. It’s the same voice that allows him to take on the real estate world with a tenacity that he seems to apply to everything.

As it relates to John’s consistent values, he is a “wealthy” person. He has a wealth of great friends, great experiences and a fantastic outlook on life. And it was in hearing his story that I realized my assumptions about John always knowing what he wanted was a bit off the mark. Achieving so many great things, it seems, didn’t happen because he knew what he wanted to have, but because he always knew he wanted an experience.


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