Your Plan is Going to Fail

Things are going to change. Your projections were off. The thing you thought was going to happen, didn’t. The account that you were going to get never pans out. The job that was a sure thing, isn’t. The economy softened, the economy strengthened. What was left is now right and what was right is now left. You couldn’t predict the future.

If those things put your plan at risk, if the unexpected changes in the market, in other people, or in the hopeful anticipation of some event in the future are what will make the difference between success and failure, then your plan is likely destined for failure.

But that’s okay. Because everyone’s plan is dependent on those things. Success is most often a surprise. The path from here to there never goes as predicted.

Whether your plan outlines the strategic direction of your business, the potential direction of your career, or the future direction of your personal finances, if you want to weather these failures then your plan must be disproportionately dependent on one thing. The person or people implementing it.

Any plan that has, as its primary focal point, the unique skills, talents, and abilities of the individuals in charge of following through has a much higher chance for eventual success. When failure happens, and it will, then survival is based on those individuals’ ability to apply their talents to a new situation, to use their unique skillsets in a different way, and for their natural ability to shine when given the opportunity to be expressed in an original way.

Knowing your plan is going to fail is a great advantage. It can force you to make the success dependent on the things you actually control. More importantly, it can help build anticipation that the potential of the individual or individuals involved with implementing the plan will likely be utilized. And, most importantly, it promotes that exciting idea that, when you do succeed, it will look nothing like how you planned.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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