No One Want’s to Buy Your S#!?

Our brain’s have 2 primary jobs. To keep from being eaten by bears and to save energy. Everything else is secondary.


Sales, on it’s face, is in direct contradiction to these two jobs. First, making a new or different decision involves risk of looking stupid, making a mistake, etc. and second it requires the brain to use more energy…because staying with the same old is just so much easier.


When you understand this, you know that no one is out there right now looking to buy what you are selling. They just don’t want to buy your stuff. In fact, their brains are more likely coming up with reasons why they should avoid your call, not come to the meeting, or click delete on your email…and that’s all before they have even gotten to the really threatening (brain threatening, that is) part where they have to meet you (especially threatening to the introverts of the group).


There is a mechanism, however, whereby the brain can find both safety from bears and the energy it needs to make new decisions. It comes from our brain’s natural desire be part of something. It is constantly wondering if it is in the pack or not, accepted or not, acknowledged or not. It does this because the pack MEANS safety from the bear, being a part of something or connecting to something meaningful can convince the brain to burn energy it would otherwise conserve.


The question is, how are you working to get people to be part of your pack? Are you finding out about who they are and what they want? Creating connections with them and understanding, really understanding, their pain? Are you listening to them or are you just trying to sell them stuff?


No one want’s to buy your stuff. But everyone wants to be included. What are you inviting them to be a part of? Answer that, and you just might convince their brain you’re not a threat. Answer that, and they just might be open to buying your stuff.


Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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