Nobody “Gives” You a Job

If being recently unemployed has taught us anything recently, it should be this.
Nobody gives you a job.

I heard this statement from both potential employees and the hiring companies. “I hope someone gives me a job.” and “We are giving the job to this person.” Both phrases should be removed from the vocabulary of the individuals from which they came as the underlying assumptions that inform each statement are destructive, ignorant, and untrue.

The very idea that ANYBODY has GIVEN me a job assumes that I, or we, go around looking for jobs in the same way I would go around begging for money. Like my resume is just this sign I hold up to convince the emotional part of their brain to have pity on me and give me something they didn’t need to give but decided to out of the kindness of their own heart.

I have nothing against giving money to someone who is in a position to have to beg for it. And I feel both lucky and grateful to never have had to be in that situation. So it really pisses me off when I hear people talking about someone giving a job as if the only choice the other person has is to depend on the charity of another individual in a better position. 

If companies were giving people jobs out of generosity, then massive lay-offs would not happen. Companies would continue to pay people just to make sure they have jobs, you know, cause they want to provide to the needy. But they don’t. And they don’t because they have to see a place see a place where the value the person they “gave” a job to can create value for them, otherwise they cannot afford to pay that person anymore. And creating value in both directions is the only way it works sustainably.

Whether it is a regular “job” I take with someone or a contract I get from my own business, let it be known, I never want anyone to give it to me. My past experience, my education, my knowledge, and my hard work and dedication are all things I bring to the table to earn a position, a contract, or any type of salary, compensation, and or benefit.

If any business owner is running around “giving” out jobs out of the goodness of their heart, they are likely poor businesspeople, with little respect for the people that work with and for them, and they have no idea what it means to earn things. And, if you are waiting around to be “given” a job, you are seriously under-valuing what you might bring to an organization and what you are worth as an individual.

Every single person wants to earn what they have.

Every single person has value they can bring to the table to both earn their keep and bring value to someone else.

Every single time someone feels like they are “given” a job, they lose connection to the real value they bring to the world around them. The skills, knowledge, and abilities no one can take from them and the security they provide themselves from what they earned on their own.

Nobody gives us a job and we don’t give other people jobs. The relationship is earned on both ends. Anything less is dependency. Anything less, limits the value of people and organizations.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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