The Truth about Struggle

The truth is, most of us struggle with something.

Our confidence and self-worth can be fleeting.
Making use feel like we didn’t have either to begin with. 

Our motivation and focus can seem non-existent at times.
Leading us to believe that those traits are for other people.

Even getting out of bed, or going to sleep for that matter, can be an impossible task at times.
Convincing us that the monsters in our head are the ones truly running the show.

But those momentary experiences, the ones that feel like they will never end, the ones that pull us down into the darkness and make us question our own worth, those are not the truth.

The real struggle is believing ourselves when we feel our confidence and self-worth rising.
Making us feel like we have what it takes to do what we want.

The bigger challenge is to acknowledge the times where we have been motivated and focused.
Allowing the real evidence of our growth and development to show us we are the person we want to be.

And, when we can’t get out of bed, or go to sleep, the ultimate challenge is being kind to ourselves.
Realizing the monsters are simply trying to protect us, and they quiet down the more we protect ourselves by forgiving ourselves.

Those momentary experiences, the times that we wish would never end, the ones that pull us up into the light and make us, for even a split second, realize our worth.

Those are the truth.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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