There Are No Callings

You don’t have to find your calling.

You weren’t born to be a singer.
You weren’t born to be a business person.
You weren’t born to be an actor or a blogger or a hedge fund manager.
You weren’t born to be anything, really.

You’ve got some natural gifts.
You’ve got some talents and skills 
You’ve got experience that no one else can touch.
You’ve even got a dream.

But you don’t have a calling to find.

You have an opportunity to sing.
You have a chance at running a good business.
You have a gig, a computer, or an algorithm to utilize.
You’ve got momentary chances, and nothing more.

You can use your gifts in the present, or deny the present that is your gift.
You can apply your talents and skills to today’s needs, or tonight’s regrets.
You can bring your experience to the situation at hand, or be handed another experience.
You can live your dream in this moment, or relive this moment in your dreams. 

You just have to answer the call.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Practical Intuition Coach Helping people keep the world from sucking the life out of them..

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