No Need to Hurry

Frustration is a gift
Water doesn’t begin to boil immediately

There is a building up of energy that is needed
Yet too many of us discard it before it has a chance to help

Those burning desires we hear about
The ones that drive others to do amazing things, overcome impossible odds, and keep going when things look uncertain

That stuff doesn’t just spring up from nowhere

It constantly builds inside of us
It heats itself with the insecurities when we become honest about them.
It begins to steam when we sit with the anxiety
And it begins to boil over only when we look directly into our anger and fear long enough that we are able see that love is hiding on the other side

Discomfort is a gift
So let’s not be in a hurry

Let’s wait until it feels like the heat has become unmanageable, then ride it like a dragon directly into the fire
Harnessing the confidence it can give us and the clarity it can pull from us

Let us stay with it until it makes us write in a way that is less ink coming out of a pen and more blood being drawn from our body and drenched upon the page to form a picture of who we are with a beauty we didn’t believe possible

Because it’s not going to happen overnight

But when it does, you’ll know
When it fuels your soul and flows in your blood it’s unmistakable
When it guides your hand and fills your heart it’s unbelievable
And when it clears the darkness, reveals the mirror, and gets you to see you, perfectly, it’s unforgettable

You are the gift
And you’re worth waiting for

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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