Before You Pour That Cup

Before you pour that cup…

Some poor soul busted their ass to pick the beans in the hot sun with blisters on their fingers,
another person drove an big ass truck with no air conditioning on a broken road to get them to a boat,
a team of people left their families for weeks getting that boat to a dock,
another group of workers unloaded the container that includes those beans while on their twelfth hour of work,
still another person drove in the middle of the night to deliver those beans to the store knowing they would have to go home to their kids and act like they haven’t been up for 18 hrs and help those kids with their homework,
And the person who put them on the shelf hasn’t had a day off in three weeks because they’re understaffed and are doubling as both checker and stocker.

So, if you’re pouring that cup.
It better not be so you can go to a job you hate.
I hope it’s not waking you up to spend your day doing something you aren’t proud of.
For god’s sake don’t waste that hard earned cup of joe on a career that kills you from the inside while rewarding you on the outside.
Don’t let it wake you to the nightmare of normal while the dream inside you remains asleep.
It’s much too valuable, to meaningful to so many, to pour it down your throat if you won’t let it awaken your heart.

I’m trying to tell you it’s not just a cup of coffee, friend.
It’s rocket fuel custom made to light the fire beneath the feet of your dreams.
More than a shot of caffeine, it’s the stimulant designed to rouse the anxiety of your purpose.
Those twelve ounces are the difference between making it through your day and making your day matter.
The cup you hold isn’t just water and grounds, it’s hopes and dreams and sweat and tears and all the people working so that you might show up today,
and help make it better for all of us.

So, before you pour that cup.
Remember that we need you.

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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