I Quit

For the last ten years, I’ve sought out every stage I could speak on and every opportunity to run a workshop (especially if it was brain based). Today, I’m changing my focus. 

If I could count the number of times I’ve ended a workshop, had a powerful experience with the participants, only to have someone come up to me afterwords with every kind of emotion in their eyes telling me they are stuck in their job, they want to leave but are scared, or even that they like their job but have always wanted to do something else…I’d be a rich person. 

The pain I see in these folks haunts me. They feel like they don’t have a choice, aren’t good enough, aren’t ready, or simply are not the kind of person that can actually do whatever it is they want to do. And, almost to the person, they believe what is holding them back is not having the right education, the right experience, the right credentials, or the right plan. 

The truth is, what holds each of these people back is not the lack of a logical plan, but a shortage in the emotional strength necessary to take the first step, to make the scary choices, and to not just talk about believing in themselves but to feel it enough to trust that belief. 

In short, we’re really good at check off lists, logical steps, and ten year plans based on what other people have done. But we suck at intuition. We fall short on trusting ourselves. And we live less than satisfying lives hoping that the plan we bought into (that someone else designed) will eventually make things satisfying.

Which is why I’ve chosen to quit making speaking and workshops my primary focus, and start, today, making “Intuition Coaching” my new direction. Coaching will now be my full time job.

I believe intuition can be built. That many of us have simply lost our ability to trust the emotional side of our decision making, and that in times like these, when the future it uncertain, trusting our intuition isn’t just nice, it’s vital.

I plan to produce resources that will help people develop better emotional strength in the coming weeks and months. Starting with a “business poetry” book I’ll be publishing soon (following my own inner voice). I’m both scared that all this sounds to touchy feely, but confident in the fact it makes me feel alive…and I plan to lead with that feeling. 

Thanks for all your support and encouragement. It’s time to start the next chapter.  

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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