Positive Thinking Vs. Assholes

Positive thinking is no match for real life assholes.
Sure, it can make you feel better.
But, eventually, if it’s your only tool, you will become the asshole too.  

An attitude of gratitude is no match for a climate of shit storms.
And, focusing on the bread doesn’t make the crap sandwich taste any better.

Preparing for the jerks of the world, the countless gong shows, and a future that’s as predictable as your cousins untrained Chihuahua will require bigger tools than looking at the sky to notice the beautiful sunset while the dog pees on your leg.

When the carnival of dumbass comes to town it’s the amount of time that you’ve spent focusing on your own inner-kick-ass-ness that will give you the confidence you need to not join the circus. 

The degree to which you are aware if the places you made more bitchin, the moments you made not suck, and people that you redirected from dumbass decisions is the umbrella that will save you from the shit storm that might be around the next corner.

So think positive if you want.
Remember all the bunnies and rainbows and poop that didn’t stink.

But, if the future will require dipshit repellent and a compass for the forest of the ridiculous.

Then you might want to focus on your own ability to make magic out of madness, convince stupid to take a U-turn, un-fuck the hopelessly fucked, and be the beacon of light in a hurricane of what-the-hells.

Cause real life assholes are no match for the badass in you.  

Published by Brian Fretwell

Author, TEDx Speaker, Consultant Trying not to be a horrible human

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