About Brian

Brian Fretwell  began his career as a teacher in a juvenile corrections facility while completing his MBA coursework in the evening. This unique experience launched him into what has been his life’s work, helping individuals learn, understand, and apply brain based approaches to Leadership, Engagement, and Culture Change.

Check out the Tedx Talk that over 800,000 people have seen.

What a 15 Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership

Brian Fretwell

Brian is the author of a book titled “Experts of Our Potential” that outlines, in story form, how creating value and certainty in a post industrial economy has changed and what we need to do as individuals to thrive in this new reality. In line with this message, Brian was invited to deliver a Tedx talk entitled “What a Fifteen Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership” which received over half a million views in the first couple months of being uploaded to Youtube.

As a speaker and consultant, Brian has spent a great deal of time delivering in environments that have historically been a challenge for communicating the importance of “soft skills.” From nuclear engineers, to Oil and Gas chemist’s, from coal miners, to data analysts in tech companies, Brian enjoys making somewhat intangible subject matter more tangible, logical and inspiring for all audiences.

Check him out on Linkedin or simply reach out personally. brian@brianfretwell.com




One thought on “About Brian

  1. Dear Brian, I came across a TedTalk from Boise you gave about Nathan, 15yr old meth addict. At the end you said you don’t know where he is but he has changed your life.

    I wondered, have you tried to find Nathan, to tell him his impact on you? And then… his impact on all of us. Have you connected with Sal again and told him his impact is reverberating far beyond his wildest dreams? I now wonder… how did Sal learn these ideas? Where is Sal now? If you talk to him and Nathan, tell them thank you for me.😊

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