No Need to Hurry

Frustration is a giftWater doesn't begin to boil immediately There is a building up of energy that is neededYet too many of us discard it before it has a chance to help Those burning desires we hear aboutThe ones that drive others to do amazing things, overcome impossible odds, and keep going when things look … Continue reading No Need to Hurry

There Are No Callings

You don't have to find your calling. You weren't born to be a singer.You weren't born to be a business person.You weren't born to be an actor or a blogger or a hedge fund manager.You weren't born to be anything, really. You've got some natural gifts.You've got some talents and skills¬†You've got experience that no … Continue reading There Are No Callings

The Truth about Struggle

The truth is, most of us struggle with something. Our confidence and self-worth can be fleeting.Making use feel like we didn't have either to begin with.¬† Our motivation and focus can seem non-existent at times.Leading us to believe that those traits are for other people. Even getting out of bed, or going to sleep for … Continue reading The Truth about Struggle