I don’t know anything about Poetry I only know that truth is the goal

The poems, as with any creative endeavor, are starting to get a life of their own.

Originally, I figured this was just about getting the poems out in the world. What seems to be happening now, is that I am realizing this is about me practicing what I preach and being an example for those who have things in them that need to come out in the world.

I hope, in these, that you see your own challenge, your own potential for growth, and remove some of the doubt keeping you from moving forwad.

I also hope that you see the imperfections, and the improvements, that are happening as this moves forward.

May it remind you that you need not wait any longer. To believe you still have time is a lie.

“The Former Me”

“You Write”

Gut Punch Poetry #2

How do you believe in yourself when the path forward is unclear?

Where does the faith that you will be able to do what you set out to do come from?

My second #poem from the #gutcheckpoetry book I’m sharing out loud, is about what it feels like to not have a clear plan, and build the momentum you need to keep moving forward.

I hope, if you watch this, you consider the things that allow you to believe in yourself.

More importantly, I hope work to develop that belief in yourself by focusing on your strengths, values, drivers, and the fact that you have value as a human being.

What do you do to believe in yourself?

I call this one, “Structural Integrity”

Gut Punch Poetry – Readings

I had a suggestion from a friend that it might be cool to read some of the poems I’ve written and talk a bit about what inspired them.

Given most of my poetry (that I’m calling “Gut Punch Poetry – Short Poems to Make You Leave the Job You Had Too Long”) is about improvement, motivation, and re-framing our situations in life, sharing what is behind the poems is as much a discussion about how to use these poems as it is about what they mean.

I hope you like these. And please share them and/or sign up for the youtube account.

This one is called “Make Believe”
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