Voices in Your Head

You should really stop ignoring them
They’re not going away

You can’t quiet them with distance or remove them with violence
You can’t pay them off or wish them away

They already know that you believe them
That argument was lost before it even began

But they’re waiting for you to listen
And they get louder with each day you don’t

They are the voices in your head
The ones that tell you that you’re here to do more

They’re the ones goading you in to big ideas
And making it hard to sleep when you don’t pursue them

They can haunt you till your dying day
Or they can make you feel alive right now

You should really consider listening to them
They’re simply you, when you believe your dreams

I Quit

For the last ten years, I’ve sought out every stage I could speak on and every opportunity to run a workshop (especially if it was brain based). Today, I’m changing my focus. 

If I could count the number of times I’ve ended a workshop, had a powerful experience with the participants, only to have someone come up to me afterwords with every kind of emotion in their eyes telling me they are stuck in their job, they want to leave but are scared, or even that they like their job but have always wanted to do something else…I’d be a rich person. 

The pain I see in these folks haunts me. They feel like they don’t have a choice, aren’t good enough, aren’t ready, or simply are not the kind of person that can actually do whatever it is they want to do. And, almost to the person, they believe what is holding them back is not having the right education, the right experience, the right credentials, or the right plan. 

The truth is, what holds each of these people back is not the lack of a logical plan, but a shortage in the emotional strength necessary to take the first step, to make the scary choices, and to not just talk about believing in themselves but to feel it enough to trust that belief. 

In short, we’re really good at check off lists, logical steps, and ten year plans based on what other people have done. But we suck at intuition. We fall short on trusting ourselves. And we live less than satisfying lives hoping that the plan we bought into (that someone else designed) will eventually make things satisfying.

Which is why I’ve chosen to quit making speaking and workshops my primary focus, and start, today, making “Intuition Coaching” my new direction. Coaching will now be my full time job.

I believe intuition can be built. That many of us have simply lost our ability to trust the emotional side of our decision making, and that in times like these, when the future it uncertain, trusting our intuition isn’t just nice, it’s vital.

I plan to produce resources that will help people develop better emotional strength in the coming weeks and months. Starting with a “business poetry” book I’ll be publishing soon (following my own inner voice). I’m both scared that all this sounds to touchy feely, but confident in the fact it makes me feel alive…and I plan to lead with that feeling. 

Thanks for all your support and encouragement. It’s time to start the next chapter.  

My Garden

This is my garden in the summer

By fall, all these plants will die

The plants don’t seem worried though

The tomatoes aren’t scared at all

I think it’s because there’s an agreement

shared between these plants and I

That If I don’t take care of them

They aren’t going to take care of me

We never discussed this arrangement

No deals were made or contracts signed

It just seems like we’re more alive

Taking care of each other, before we die

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I’m Not Your Coach

I’m not your coach
I’m just an instrument

You don’t succeed because of me
You simply use me to succeed

It’s not the questions or the strategies that work for you
It’s working the questions that makes your strategies sound

I’m not your coach
I’m just a mirror

The reflection your seeking won’t help you do your hair
The image you’ll find only reveals the styling of your heart

It’s not a piece of glass you need to stand in front of
It’s a wall you’ll have to walk right through

I’m not your coach
I’m just a messenger

I don’t come to deliver the answers to you
I come to show you the answers within you

There is no message, or note, or letter that will save you
There is only the knowing, and believing, that you’re already saved

I’m not your coach
I’m just a voice

The one you’ve heard without me present
The one that speaks life to your dreams

It’s not my words that you are hearing
It’s your courage growing louder everyday

I’m not your coach
You don’t need me

But if you’re here to work
I’ll stay as long as you need

Before You Pour That Cup

Before you pour that cup…

Some poor soul busted their ass to pick the beans in the hot sun with blisters on their fingers,
another person drove an big ass truck with no air conditioning on a broken road to get them to a boat,
a team of people left their families for weeks getting that boat to a dock,
another group of workers unloaded the container that includes those beans while on their twelfth hour of work,
still another person drove in the middle of the night to deliver those beans to the store knowing they would have to go home to their kids and act like they haven’t been up for 18 hrs and help those kids with their homework,
And the person who put them on the shelf hasn’t had a day off in three weeks because they’re understaffed and are doubling as both checker and stocker.

So, if you’re pouring that cup.
It better not be so you can go to a job you hate.
I hope it’s not waking you up to spend your day doing something you aren’t proud of.
For god’s sake don’t waste that hard earned cup of joe on a career that kills you from the inside while rewarding you on the outside.
Don’t let it wake you to the nightmare of normal while the dream inside you remains asleep.
It’s much too valuable, to meaningful to so many, to pour it down your throat if you won’t let it awaken your heart.

I’m trying to tell you it’s not just a cup of coffee, friend.
It’s rocket fuel custom made to light the fire beneath the feet of your dreams.
More than a shot of caffeine, it’s the stimulant designed to rouse the anxiety of your purpose.
Those twelve ounces are the difference between making it through your day and making your day matter.
The cup you hold isn’t just water and grounds, it’s hopes and dreams and sweat and tears and all the people working so that you might show up today,
and help make it better for all of us.

So, before you pour that cup.
Remember that we need you.

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