The Fire Sessions

Years ago, as a Solopreneur, I felt very disconnected. I had plenty of time with friends, lots of interactions with clients, and a great relationship with my partner, but something still felt missing. Over time, what I realized, is that the energy I got from the successes over the week would quickly diminish, and theContinue reading “The Fire Sessions”

Gut Punch Poetry – Readings

I had a suggestion from a friend that it might be cool to read some of the poems I’ve written and talk a bit about what inspired them. Given most of my poetry (that I’m calling “Gut Punch Poetry – Short Poems to Make You Leave the Job You Had Too Long”) is about improvement,Continue reading “Gut Punch Poetry – Readings”

My Garden

This is my garden in the summer By fall, all these plants will die The plants don’t seem worried though The tomatoes aren’t scared at all I think it’s because there’s an agreement shared between these plants and I That If I don’t take care of them They aren’t going to take care of meContinue reading “My Garden”

Before You Pour That Cup

Some poor soul busted their ass to pick the beans in the hot sun with blisters on their fingers,
another person drove an big ass truck with no air conditioning on a broken road to get them to a boat,
a team of people left their families for weeks getting that boat to a dock,
another group of workers unloaded the container that includes those beans while on their twelfth hour of work,

I Wasn’t “Born to do This”

I really envy those people in the marketing ads. The ones that are super passionate about everything, the ones that seem to have found their purpose, and the ones that appear to be on fire for what they want to do with their lives. They are committed to changing the world, focused on making aContinue reading “I Wasn’t “Born to do This””