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In the last month, what value did you give the most attention to?

A question about value. Value is one of those funny words that have multiple meanings. In the design of this question, the term value is used to describe those ideals that we try to live up to. Knowing where our actions align with those values, and perhaps where they don’t, is a constant and important… Read more »

“In the last month, what are you most grateful overcoming?”

We’re changing things up a bit in our newsletter. Instead of starting with a blog post, we’re going to start doing what we encourage all of the folks that use our resources or join us for practice sessions. Start with the question of the week. Or, in this case, the question that we started with… Read more »

Laughing Through the Tears

Laughing through the tears, So much of grief, in my view, is an uncomfortable form of gratitude. When you’re in the middle of grieving something or someone you’ve lost, it’s not very easy to see it this way. But seeing that connection, and how it can often cause you to laugh in the midst of… Read more »

“How Much Time?”

“How Much Time?” Two weeks. I didn’t believe it when she told me. We were at an event for counselors where a professor was sharing research findings on studies about at-risk kids. They were looking at factors that consistently showed up in kids that grew up in socioeconomically disadvantaged situations and did not end up… Read more »