Nobody Cares What You Have To Say!

It sounds harsh, I know. And you likely have a pretty solid message. Maybe even a message that could change or save someone’s life. But that’s only more reason for you to realize that nobody cares what you have to say. The statement isn’t mine. It’s a piece of advice that was given to meContinue reading “Nobody Cares What You Have To Say!”

Why We Suck at Conflict

Most people know the “right” way to approach other people. When sitting down, with a clear head and no immediate pressure, most people can come up with a way to have a conversation or even address something tricky that will likely lead to a good outcome. On paper. In practice, however, it’s a totally differentContinue reading “Why We Suck at Conflict”

Professional Cruise Control

They call it a plateau. It’s that comfortable place we can get to in our careers or even in our businesses. Things are going well, on paper, and putting things on cruise control is super enticing.   It can also be the most dangerous time any of us can experience professionally. As scary as a set-backContinue reading “Professional Cruise Control”

Suffering Fools

People are talking about you. They are making some pretty un-flattering statements, questioning your decisions, and calling you an idiot. You may not have heard it out loud, but I bet it’s in the back of your head. Maybe you had a new idea, a new plan, something you were going to try out forContinue reading “Suffering Fools”