Trust Your Gut, Logically

When You’re Ready to do Something That Matters to YOU

Too Many People Never Fully Realize the Dream Inside of Them.

There is nothing as frustrating as knowing we aren’t making the impact we could be making, and not knowing what to do about it.

Whether that person is you, or you are the person trying to help someone else get clarity on the change they can, AND ARE, making in the world. This is the place for you.

Practical Intuition is about teaching people to connect that part of us that knows, with the part of us that knows how, so that we can pursue the thing that makes us feel most alive. And, we do it logically.

Whether you came here to see about coaching, came to find out about the What Went Well Calls, or your a subscriber to the blog. Everything I put in this website is for the sole purpose of helping people find their inner superpower, learn to trust it, and go out and impact the world with it.

We call it intuition, and we use science, creativity, activities, group calls, coaching and every other means at our disposal to help people Trust Their Gut, Logically.

As you can see in the Ted Talk, I learned the hard way the importance of being clear about what we want, and trusting ourselves enough to say it out loud.

I’ve come to see Trusting Our Value to be the most important skills we can develop. I hope this site helps you do just that.

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