Intuition Coaching


You’ve been chosen for something. At least that’s what it feels like.
You can’t help it, you know you’re not here to live the regular life, have a normal job, or just be happy with a comfortable life.

It eats at you.
You know you need to chart your own course, to take the lead in directing the way forward, but there is no established map to follow.

And now it’s time to do something about it.

I coach the people that know they are here to do something bigger.
Together, we work to make that voice in the back of your head loud enough, and trustworthy enough, to follow.

Most people over rely on their “mechanical” brain when making decisions about jobs, businesses, and future plans.

What they loose is the ability to leverage one of the brains most powerful tools that can help them get a job, business, or future plan…that makes them feel more alive. At some point, moving forward is less about having the right plan and more about “knowing” the right way.

I started Practical Intuition Coaching because I’ve been there.

Running Marathons, Ironman, and 100 mile races, despite all the planning and preparation, eventually it’s trusting yourself that pulls you through when you begin to doubt.

In writing a book, you can have all the great ideas, time, and discipline, but if you don’t follow your intuition eventually, you’ll never write your potential.

And in speaking to audiences from 10 to 1,000 people or more, if you don’t trust your gut you may never speak in a way that you can be truly heard.

By helping people really understand what their brain is trying to tell them, how to listen, and how to use the energy they have been holding back for so long. We build emotional strength, individual confidence, and the ability to “know” the right direction.

The process requires work, focus, and experimentation. But, if you believe feeling alive would be a better long term driver for you than hoping you make it through…maybe you should give your intuition a chance.

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