Content is Cheap. Engagement is Priceless.

  • They’ve heard all the new ideas.
  • They’ve read all the latest research.
  • They know what they are supposed to do.

But, if the speaker doesn’t capture their heart.

They simply aren’t going to do anything with it.

Brian has over 20 years of experience delivering in environments where engaging the audience wasn’t just about a good performance, but about creating life saving behavior change.

While your next event may not have life or death consequences; people connecting too, being inspired by, and developing a new mindset after being a part of a great presentation can absolutely make the difference for your business.

Brian Fretwell is an engaging, funny, and informative speaker with the ability to inspire any crowd into action. Having delivered hundreds of presentations around the world, he is able to apply brain science, motivation, and mindset tools to help clients find solutions to leadership, culture, and behavior challenges.

Speaking Topics (a sample):

Leading Ourselves So Others Will Follow: Self awareness is noted as the number one skill needed for leaders in the future. Developing that skills starts with knowing how to leverage the potential of our unique brains. Pulling from his book “Experts of Our Potential” and years of coaching, teaching, and applying neuroscience based change strategies, this entertaining and eye opening presentation changes perspectives, lives and companies.

Customized Presentations: Brian can interview people from your association or company and utilize their responses in the talk itself. For companies looking to really leverage their current talent, this presentation becomes all about you(them) and leaves you with a report that can be utilized for many internal strategic purposes.

Contact for detailed presentation outlines or customized quotes.