Want to Kick-Start Your New Direction?

I believe a good speaker makes the group feel like the material was prepared just for them. A great one, makes each individual feel like the person on the stage is talking directly to them, individually, personally. By combining proven content with a customized delivery, I am to make all speaking engagements great.

How You Can Use Me:

I have years of experience delivering keynotes, break-out sessions, full day workshop facilitation, and even coming on conference calls or meetings to give practical tips and share inspiring stories.

Given my background and skill set, I am most effective with groups that are preparing to reach new goals, chart a new direction, or plot their come back story from a tough year.

What You Can Expect:

It all starts with the right story. From my time as a Teacher in a Juvenile Corrections facility, running 100 mile ultra-marathons, being completely over my head managing a team of 80 people, losing a business, teaching brain science to coal miners in Australia’s Outback, or CEO’s leadership on the Gettysburg Battlefield, my examples are real, often funny, and always purposeful.

Every story needs practical content, and that’s where the customization comes in. I work with you to identify the skills, the ideas, and the behaviors you are looking to develop in your participants, and suggest specific, proven, and actionable content to include in the presentation. Ideas that may come from the fields of business, psychology, leadership, neuroscience, or coaching, all designed with your needs in mind.

And it’s all done with a simple goal. To open the participants eyes to the possibilities sitting right in their laps, the potential already available within themselves and their teams, and to inspire the kind of action that allows dreams to become reality.

Audacious? Yes. Just like our goals and dreams should be.

Speaking Topics (a sample):

Why We Win: o rely on external accomplishments to define our value, a degree, a certificate, a job, an award, etc. Today, however, to remain competitive, people and companies have to understand the unique value they bring and how to create value in ways no one else can match, and they have to do it quickly. This is an interactive presentation that leaves participants with questions and activities they can utilize immediately.

Customized Presentations: This one can be my favorite. I interview people from your association or company and utilize their responses in the talk itself. For companies looking to really leverage their current talent, this presentation becomes all about you(them) and leaves you with a report that can be utilized for many internal strategic purposes.


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