Making Plans Personal

If you search online for “best business plan” you come up with about 500 million answers. Financial plan gives you about 200 million answers, and fitness plan gives you about 400 million. Believe me, I looked. Many of the answers you see include phrases like, billion dollar business plan, the only business plan you willContinue reading “Making Plans Personal”

Cavemen Didn’t Brainstorm

We all have to be creative. Whatever our job or business, if we don’t constantly improve or come up with new ideas, eventually, we get left behind. Too often, however, we ignore the primary importance of creativity and leave some of our best tools (discomfort, limitations, and need) on the table. We get too comfortable,Continue reading “Cavemen Didn’t Brainstorm”

2 Quick Suggestions to Make Business Plans Motivating

     It’s getting close to June. For most companies, the business plan preparation for the next business year has already begun. And, for most of the people in those companies, this process sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry.      But it does not have to be this way. Business plans, likeContinue reading “2 Quick Suggestions to Make Business Plans Motivating”