No One Want’s to Buy Your S#!?

Our brain’s have 2 primary jobs. To keep from being eaten by bears and to save energy. Everything else is secondary.   Sales, on it’s face, is in direct contradiction to these two jobs. First, making a new or different decision involves risk of looking stupid, making a mistake, etc. and second it requires theContinue reading “No One Want’s to Buy Your S#!?”

Stop Saying Sorry — A note to United and other Airlines.

First of all, for what happened to the dragged off passenger, you’ll likely be saying “I’m Sorry” for a long time. What you probably haven’t realized, however, is that one of the main ingredients that lead to this might have been because you have been saying sorry, or some other form of apology, for wayContinue reading “Stop Saying Sorry — A note to United and other Airlines.”

Melissa – Jill of All Trades

When I saw the Facebook post about someone that started a gym out of their garage, and were still in operation over a year and a half later, I had to interview them. Turns out, Melissa did not start it out of her garage, and it wasn’t her first business, and I was in forContinue reading “Melissa – Jill of All Trades”

Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to

Can a $1000 funding constraint, a lot of rain, and a philosophy degree be the recipe for success? For Wyatt Warner and Boise Classic Movies, it turns out the answer can be yes. If you know what to look for in failure. I started interviewing Wyatt because I was interested in learning how he cameContinue reading “Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to”

Podcast #3: Emma Arnold – A Comedian Who Gives a Damn?

Do you think a comedian can change the world? Emma Arnold does. Or at least she knows it can be a source of connection and change for the people she gets to entertain. In this weeks pod-cast, I talk with Emma about how she started in comedy, when she tried to quit comedy, and howContinue reading “Podcast #3: Emma Arnold – A Comedian Who Gives a Damn?”