Failure Has no Value

Fail fast, fail forward, get good at failing, failing is the secret to success. These are just a small smattering of the mini-mantras about failing that I see flash across my computer screen too many times a day. And, while they might have the best of intentions, I believe they miss the point. Failure has … Continue reading Failure Has no Value

My Greatest Year

Filled with let downs And getting back up again Filled with heart aches And falling in love again My greatest year Is full of turmoil My greatest year Is full of reconciliation Not because it was Without pain Not because it was Without pleasure My greatest year Was a struggle My greatest year Was a … Continue reading My Greatest Year

Chosen for This

I did not sign up for this I did not volunteer I did not add my name to the list I was not given the option to opt out This chose me Failure Pain Defeat Anxiety All handed down without my consent It steals my sleep Changes my thinking Alters my motivation Breaks my heart … Continue reading Chosen for This

I’ll do it on Monday

Habits are simple So they say We need just five minutes, three weeks, or change in perspective. And all that stuff is easy, on Monday. But today's Friday. Today's the day when I'm done. I waited all week for this. And I just want to have but one. I'll do it on Monday. The habit, … Continue reading I’ll do it on Monday