I don’t know anything about Poetry I only know that truth is the goal

The poems, as with any creative endeavor, are starting to get a life of their own. Originally, I figured this was just about getting the poems out in the world. What seems to be happening now, is that I am realizing this is about me practicing what I preach and being an example for thoseContinue reading “I don’t know anything about Poetry I only know that truth is the goal”

Voices in Your Head

You should really stop ignoring themThey’re not going away You can’t quiet them with distance or remove them with violenceYou can’t pay them off or wish them away They already know that you believe themThat argument was lost before it even began But they’re waiting for you to listenAnd they get louder with each dayContinue reading “Voices in Your Head”

I Wasn’t “Born to do This”

I really envy those people in the marketing ads. The ones that are super passionate about everything, the ones that seem to have found their purpose, and the ones that appear to be on fire for what they want to do with their lives. They are committed to changing the world, focused on making aContinue reading “I Wasn’t “Born to do This””

Failure Has no Value

Fail fast, fail forward, get good at failing, failing is the secret to success. These are just a small smattering of the mini-mantras about failing that I see flash across my computer screen too many times a day. And, while they might have the best of intentions, I believe they miss the point. Failure hasContinue reading “Failure Has no Value”