Aaron and Andy – Small Book Chptr 1

Started writing a small book. Here’s the first chapter. — Would love to know your thoughts. (Mind the Un-edited nature of it) Fucking up your life is a liberating experience. There’s a certain amount of validation that comes with knowing what you are supposed to do, knowing what they want you to do, even knowingContinue reading “Aaron and Andy – Small Book Chptr 1”

Owning Freedom

Freedom is the one thing we own as individuals. Regardless of your place in life, your social or economic status, or your political affiliation, the one thing you will always have is your freedom. Despite this simple fact, we tend to give up our freedom all the time. The one thing that cannot be takenContinue reading “Owning Freedom”

No One Depends on You

“People depend on me!” It’s not just something I’ve heard, it’s something I’ve said, and it needs to stop. “People depend on me” is a phrase we use when we are trying to convince ourselves that we have no choice in a situation. The phrase often starts with statements like, “I have to stay inContinue reading “No One Depends on You”