No Need to Hurry

Frustration is a giftWater doesn’t begin to boil immediately There is a building up of energy that is neededYet too many of us discard it before it has a chance to help Those burning desires we hear aboutThe ones that drive others to do amazing things, overcome impossible odds, and keep going when things lookContinue reading “No Need to Hurry”

The Truth about Struggle

The truth is, most of us struggle with something. Our confidence and self-worth can be fleeting.Making use feel like we didn’t have either to begin with.  Our motivation and focus can seem non-existent at times.Leading us to believe that those traits are for other people. Even getting out of bed, or going to sleep forContinue reading “The Truth about Struggle”

Under-Valued and Uncomfortable; Signs You Are Leaving Value on the Table

What do you do really well? In what capacities do you perform like a rock-star? What have you experienced in your professional life that gives you super powers no one else could possibly replicate? These are some of the questions I like to ask people to get an idea of how much value they areContinue reading “Under-Valued and Uncomfortable; Signs You Are Leaving Value on the Table”

Suffering Fools

People are talking about you. They are making some pretty un-flattering statements, questioning your decisions, and calling you an idiot. You may not have heard it out loud, but I bet it’s in the back of your head. Maybe you had a new idea, a new plan, something you were going to try out forContinue reading “Suffering Fools”

Stacie – Turning a love for social events into an example for her daughters.

I knew I was on the right track with interviewing Stacie when, after I asked her to be on the podcast, she said, “Brian, I don’t know if I am that interesting..” Because how many of us have had that feeling, believed that thought? See, for those of us around her, we get inspired byContinue reading “Stacie – Turning a love for social events into an example for her daughters.”