Voices in Your Head

You should really stop ignoring themThey’re not going away You can’t quiet them with distance or remove them with violenceYou can’t pay them off or wish them away They already know that you believe themThat argument was lost before it even began But they’re waiting for you to listenAnd they get louder with each dayContinue reading “Voices in Your Head”

Before You Pour That Cup

Some poor soul busted their ass to pick the beans in the hot sun with blisters on their fingers,
another person drove an big ass truck with no air conditioning on a broken road to get them to a boat,
a team of people left their families for weeks getting that boat to a dock,
another group of workers unloaded the container that includes those beans while on their twelfth hour of work,

No Need to Hurry

Frustration is a giftWater doesn’t begin to boil immediately There is a building up of energy that is neededYet too many of us discard it before it has a chance to help Those burning desires we hear aboutThe ones that drive others to do amazing things, overcome impossible odds, and keep going when things lookContinue reading “No Need to Hurry”

There Are No Callings

You don’t have to find your calling. You weren’t born to be a singer.You weren’t born to be a business person.You weren’t born to be an actor or a blogger or a hedge fund manager.You weren’t born to be anything, really. You’ve got some natural gifts.You’ve got some talents and skills You’ve got experience that noContinue reading “There Are No Callings”