You can have all the tools…

As I work to get this poetry stuff out, to figure out why sharing it with the world feels so necessary, I’m starting to figure out how to make it more useful. You know, to the people listening. You can see that shift in these two videos. From just saying the poem and explaining, toContinue reading “You can have all the tools…”

I Quit

For the last ten years, I’ve sought out every stage I could speak on and every opportunity to run a workshop (especially if it was brain based). Today, I’m changing my focus.  If I could count the number of times I’ve ended a workshop, had a powerful experience with the participants, only to have someoneContinue reading “I Quit”

What is Worth the Pain?

Pain is a part of life. It is an ever present part of work as well. Not, necessarily, physical pain (if so, perhaps you should contact HR) but definitely emotional pain. Being rejected, not being heard, feeling less than, incompetent, or losing the security you relied upon are all parts of our daily experience. GivenContinue reading “What is Worth the Pain?”