The Fire Sessions

Years ago, as a Solopreneur, I felt very disconnected. I had plenty of time with friends, lots of interactions with clients, and a great relationship with my partner, but something still felt missing. Over time, what I realized, is that the energy I got from the successes over the week would quickly diminish, and theContinue reading “The Fire Sessions”

Why a Good Message Isn’t Enough

It happens every week. A leader, trainer, or even a salesperson has to deliver an important message. In this message, there is a dire need for change, an outline of why the change is needed, and even a plan for making the change happen. The person delivering is passionate about what needs to be doneContinue reading “Why a Good Message Isn’t Enough”

Planning Should Not Put Us to Sleep

The business planning class I took in my MBA was one of the most painful, boring, and uninspiring classes of my entire academic career. The course was riddled with words like market segmentation, break-even points, and SWOT analysis. Even the parts that should have been exciting, vision and mission, were delivered from the perspective soContinue reading “Planning Should Not Put Us to Sleep”

2 Quick Suggestions to Make Business Plans Motivating

     It’s getting close to June. For most companies, the business plan preparation for the next business year has already begun. And, for most of the people in those companies, this process sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry.      But it does not have to be this way. Business plans, likeContinue reading “2 Quick Suggestions to Make Business Plans Motivating”