Your Plan is Going to Fail

Things are going to change. Your projections were off. The thing you thought was going to happen, didn’t. The account that you were going to get never pans out. The job that was a sure thing, isn’t. The economy softened, the economy strengthened. What was left is now right and what was right is nowContinue reading “Your Plan is Going to Fail”

My Writing is Crap

It happens more often than I would like it to. I read something I just wrote and, after a short internal deliberation, I realize it is pure garbage, waste, so craptastically bad I have to erase it before it finds its way into the world. Sometimes it’s just a sentence. Others, it’s a paragraph. OnceContinue reading “My Writing is Crap”

Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to

Can a $1000 funding constraint, a lot of rain, and a philosophy degree be the recipe for success? For Wyatt Warner and Boise Classic Movies, it turns out the answer can be yes. If you know what to look for in failure. I started interviewing Wyatt because I was interested in learning how he cameContinue reading “Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to”

Failure Has no Value

Fail fast, fail forward, get good at failing, failing is the secret to success. These are just a small smattering of the mini-mantras about failing that I see flash across my computer screen too many times a day. And, while they might have the best of intentions, I believe they miss the point. Failure hasContinue reading “Failure Has no Value”