There Are No Callings

You don’t have to find your calling. You weren’t born to be a singer.You weren’t born to be a business person.You weren’t born to be an actor or a blogger or a hedge fund manager.You weren’t born to be anything, really. You’ve got some natural gifts.You’ve got some talents and skills You’ve got experience that noContinue reading “There Are No Callings”

Removing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is painful. When trying to reach a goal, or pursue a specific strategy, uncertainty can make us hesitate, fill us with doubt, and kill our efficiency. We all want more certainty, but we are lead to believe certainty is just something confident people have, something we need other people to provide, or simply un-available.Continue reading “Removing Uncertainty”

Goals Aren’t That Important

It’s not that big of a deal. We set goals like throwing out a life preserver into a river. Like the last hope for our lives, if we don’t catch it then who knows what will happen. I’m going to run this race, win this match, make this money, get the prize, win the day…IfContinue reading “Goals Aren’t That Important”