The Truth about Struggle

The truth is, most of us struggle with something. Our confidence and self-worth can be fleeting.Making use feel like we didn't have either to begin with.  Our motivation and focus can seem non-existent at times.Leading us to believe that those traits are for other people. Even getting out of bed, or going to sleep for … Continue reading The Truth about Struggle


We are all going to have to sacrifice at one point.  We are all going to experience pain, loss and setbacks. The question isn't, how do we avoid sacrifice?  Because it's likely never going to go away. The question is, what will make it worth it?  What dream is worth realizing, what risk is worth … Continue reading Sacrifice

The Arctic Circle: Being Wrong 2500 Miles from Home

I have a pretty cool job. I get to facilitate psychology/neuroscience based Safety and Operational Efficiency workshops in cool places around the world. Part motivation, part change, and all personal empowerment to participants that range from truck drivers, to managers, underground miners to CEO's. Having worked with so many diverse audiences, I felt prepared for … Continue reading The Arctic Circle: Being Wrong 2500 Miles from Home