Positive Thinking Vs. Assholes

Positive thinking is no match for real life assholes.Sure, it can make you feel better.But, eventually, if it’s your only tool, you will become the asshole too.   An attitude of gratitude is no match for a climate of shit storms.And, focusing on the bread doesn’t make the crap sandwich taste any better. Preparing for theContinue reading “Positive Thinking Vs. Assholes”

You can have all the tools…

As I work to get this poetry stuff out, to figure out why sharing it with the world feels so necessary, I’m starting to figure out how to make it more useful. You know, to the people listening. You can see that shift in these two videos. From just saying the poem and explaining, toContinue reading “You can have all the tools…”

I don’t know anything about Poetry I only know that truth is the goal

The poems, as with any creative endeavor, are starting to get a life of their own. Originally, I figured this was just about getting the poems out in the world. What seems to be happening now, is that I am realizing this is about me practicing what I preach and being an example for thoseContinue reading “I don’t know anything about Poetry I only know that truth is the goal”