My Garden

This is my garden in the summer By fall, all these plants will die The plants don’t seem worried though The tomatoes aren’t scared at all I think it’s because there’s an agreement shared between these plants and I That If I don’t take care of them They aren’t going to take care of meContinue reading “My Garden”

I’m Not Your Coach

I’m not your coachI’m just an instrument You don’t succeed because of meYou simply use me to succeed It’s not the questions or the strategies that work for youIt’s working the questions that makes your strategies sound I’m not your coachI’m just a mirror The reflection your seeking won’t help you do your hairThe imageContinue reading “I’m Not Your Coach”

Jackie – Imposter Syndrome

Sometimes, it seems as the only thing standing in between who we are and who we want to be is the simple act of trying…again, and again, and again. Jackie is living proof that stepping into what might initially feel uncomfortable, can have great long term benefits. We hope her answers inspire you. What isContinue reading “Jackie – Imposter Syndrome”