No One Want’s to Buy Your S#!?

Our brain's have 2 primary jobs. To keep from being eaten by bears and to save energy. Everything else is secondary.   Sales, on it's face, is in direct contradiction to these two jobs. First, making a new or different decision involves risk of looking stupid, making a mistake, etc. and second it requires the … Continue reading No One Want’s to Buy Your S#!?

No One Depends on You

"People depend on me!" It's not just something I've heard, it's something I've said, and it needs to stop. "People depend on me" is a phrase we use when we are trying to convince ourselves that we have no choice in a situation. The phrase often starts with statements like, "I have to stay in … Continue reading No One Depends on You

Leadership Lessons From Yourself

There is no limit to the number of articles about what someone learned about leadership from someone else. Whether that be a historical leader, some successful team, or even some persons relative. And while learning from other successful people will never cease to be important, what I see more and more is our inability to … Continue reading Leadership Lessons From Yourself