Making Your Own Job Security

When people talk about having job security, what they generally talk about is how long they can expect to have the position they are in, how stable the company might be, or how much demand there is for the specific position. And forty years ago, this was a great conversation. Today, however, none of thoseContinue reading “Making Your Own Job Security”

Leadership Lessons From Yourself

There is no limit to the number of articles about what someone learned about leadership from someone else. Whether that be a historical leader, some successful team, or even some persons relative. And while learning from other successful people will never cease to be important, what I see more and more is our inability toContinue reading “Leadership Lessons From Yourself”

Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to

Can a $1000 funding constraint, a lot of rain, and a philosophy degree be the recipe for success? For Wyatt Warner and Boise Classic Movies, it turns out the answer can be yes. If you know what to look for in failure. I started interviewing Wyatt because I was interested in learning how he cameContinue reading “Wyatt – Learning What to Pay Attention to”

Can You Teach Leadership? — NO.

No. There, I said it. You cannot teach leadership. I know you just paid a lot of money for your leadership development program. Don’t worry, 15 billion was spent last year, so chances are, you are not alone. But the sad reality is, for many of the people spending this money, the outcome they areContinue reading “Can You Teach Leadership? — NO.”