The Only Reason People Listen

"Why are you here and why should I waste my time listening to you?" This is a question I've been asked more times than I can count. With Coal Miners, Software developers, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, and by a group of thirty truck drivers forced to be with me over a weekend for a 16 hour training. … Continue reading The Only Reason People Listen


It's not what you think it is, loneliness. Loneliness is not actually about being alone. It's about being quiet. It's not the lack of people that you might happen to have around you. But rather the thickness of the filter you feel you have to have in order to actually communicate with them. Loneliness is … Continue reading Loneliness

Being Heard

For a short time in my professional career, I held the title of "Dream Manager." Really. I still have the business card. And, while the position only lasted a brief time (the 2008 recession gave it a quick ending) one single lesson has stayed with me to this day. The position was simple enough. I … Continue reading Being Heard