The frustrating part of confronting my own hypocrisy, is that it so often seems to come back. Maybe not in the same form, but always in ways that can make me doubt myself, question what I am doing, or full-on hate who I have become. My actions don’t always line up with my intentions. My intentions don’t evenContinue reading “Hypocrisy”


We are all going to have to sacrifice at one point.  We are all going to experience pain, loss and setbacks. The question isn’t, how do we avoid sacrifice?  Because it’s likely never going to go away. The question is, what will make it worth it?  What dream is worth realizing, what risk is worthContinue reading “Sacrifice”

Own Your Shit!

I used to be confused as to what that meant – own your shit. Whenever someone told me to do this, they were generally talking about something I was doing wrong. It generally meant taking responsibility, owning, my poor decisions, transgressions, and deficiencies. Owning my shit was about realizing those things were mine, that IContinue reading “Own Your Shit!”

Chosen for This

I did not sign up for this I did not volunteer I did not add my name to the list I was not given the option to opt out This chose me Failure Pain Defeat Anxiety All handed down without my consent It steals my sleep Changes my thinking Alters my motivation Breaks my heartContinue reading “Chosen for This”